Welcome to My Front Burner’s second year! eva5

Late in the autumn of 2013, after a lot of dreaming and encouragement, I posted my first recipe—Roasted Fall Vegetables with Sweet & Spicy Pomegranate Glaze—and with that, jumped into the diverse throng of food blogs.  I recently read that I have 16,000 cohorts.  It’s OK.  There’s a lot to say.

It has been an exciting first year. I won Food52’s Best Edible Gift contest with my Pistachio Dukkah.  The celebrated site’s editors claimed to “inhale it by the palmful”. Another great food website, The Kitchn, came for a visit to see where the magic happens.

Many of my recipes come with stories. Life in the kitchen can be funny, dramatic, occasionally painful and spicy by nature. Sometimes I share the evolution of my dishes and why I make certain choices.  I like to take what most of you know and present it in new ways with a surprising spice or unexpected twist. Lots of the recipes are simple enough for casual home cooks and I like to think they’re all interesting enough to inspire the experts, too.

My first cooking job was on a yacht and now I’m a contributing editor at America’s Test Kitchen.  In between, I’ve worked for restaurants and caterers, taught cooking and styled food.  My recipes have been featured in Cook’s Illustrated, Cook’s Country, Fine Cooking, Fresh, Australian Gourmet Traveler, Murdoch Books and Australian Good Taste.

Here at home, my family—a husband who eats strictly gluten-free and two teenage boys—guide my cooking every day. As a vegetable-centric omnivore, I constantly consider their preferences and have come up with workable and tasty solutions, many of which you’ll find here. I also indulge in my own leanings—big flavors and unusual combinations. This is where you’ll find the food I love to eat and share with family and friends — and now you, too!

Let’s stir it up in 2015!

Thanks for stopping by,

Eva Katz

P.S. All the recipes are original ones developed by me and all the photographs are taken by Myrosha unless otherwise noted.


myroshaA little bit about Myrosha—When she’s not hanging out shooting food in my kitchen, Myrosha is taking portraits of children, exhibiting her fine art and teaching photography. Most of her photography is black and white. She’s expanding her horizons and shooting in color for this blog. (Lucky me again!)

Myrosha grew up in a neighborhood on the west side of Chicago known as Ukrainian Village, also called the “Ukkie Hood.” She was surrounded by a clan of people devoted to mastering the art of all things potato and cabbage—which fueled her interest in learning how to cook and eat just about anything else! Most days there is a pot of lentil soup simmering on her front burner…though she admits there will always be a special place in her heart for blueberry perogies.

We have been friends for almost all of our adult lives and our creative passions have intersected in a variety of ways over the years. At one time we collaborated on food styling projects. She took the photos of my wedding and I cooked the food for hers. That was almost two decades ago! Bringing this blog into being has turned out to be a great excuse to hang out together and embark on a new creative endeavor.

To see more of Myrosha’s work go to: www.myrosha.com

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