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West African Vegetarian Peanut Stew


I think I’ve just discovered the most satisfying, hearty vegan recipe known to mankind. Imagine what you get when you cross an Indonesian satay with an Indian curry—you end up with a West African peanut stew. This traditional stew (also known as groundnut stew, domoda, or maafe) is usually made with meat and vegetables. My version forgoes the meat but bolsters it with a bounty (more…)

10 Oct 2014

Grilled Cornish Game Hens with Grape-Verjus Sauce


Grilled CH:Grapes 9EK fav


Cooking out on a hot grill on a cool, crisp fall evening is, well… just delicious. For me autumn is just about perfect for just about everything (well, maybe not sunbathing). We had out-of-town guests this past weekend so I pulled together a simple, fall-inspired meal. The main event was Grilled Cornish Game Hens with Grape-Verjus Sauce. I served it with some creamy, cheesy polenta and a salad of bitter greens, parmesan and walnuts. (Drooling yet?)


27 Sep 2014

Cardamom Panna Cotta with Cloudberries in the Land of the Midnight Sun


panna cotta


This past summer we were invited to visit my sister-in-law’s family in a small village on the very northern tip of Finland. I will admit Lapland wasn’t on my bucket list, but I’m not one to pass up an invitation to visit a foreign land. (more…)

12 Sep 2014

Blueberry Crostata


Blueberry Crostata


I find myself stashing all sorts of fruit this time of year.  (Is that a disorder…fruit hoarder?) It doesn’t matter that I already have a hefty collection of blueberries, plums and peaches at home.  If I see some at a farm stand or farmers market, I still buy more or pick more of my own.  It’s my way holding onto summer.


29 Aug 2014

Grilled Lamb Chops & Garlic Scapes with Romesco Sauce

grilled lamb chops with romesco sauce

It was a thrill to see our “art-filled, wanderlust home” profiled in Apartment Therapy last week. Seeing it opened my eyes to how much both our home environment and my cooking have been influenced by my travels. I saw how my approach to home decor is the same as my philosophy towards cooking. I like to cook food that is eclectic and bold, yet comforting and definitely not too fussy. I guess the same thing could be said to describe my digs!

Speaking of bold, this recipe for Romesco sauce is (more…)

24 Aug 2014

Peach & Ginger Scones

peach and ginger sconesWe’ve  just returned from traveling around Europe for the last two and a half weeks. It feels like I packed my bags yesterday and it whizzed by, and at the same time it seems like we were away for months. A paradox, I guess you’d say. (more…)

11 Aug 2014

Spinach & Zucchini Salad

Spinach and Zucchini SaladBack in my twenties, when I was wild and free, I worked as a cook on a yacht in the Greek Islands. We sailed from one sleepy port to the next. It was a life-altering experience. I soaked up the warmth and charm of the Islands in the most defining way; visiting small, unspoiled fishing villages where old men slapped octopus on the rocks and marveling at the postcard-blue waters lined with whitewashed buildings. It was incredible. (more…)

14 Jul 2014

Aussie Burger with ‘The Lot’

aussie burgerFor better or worse, my Australian husband has become pretty Americanized. If Philip wants French fries with his meal, he doesn’t ask for ‘chips’ and there is no more ‘tomato sauce’ for him, it’s “ketchup, please”. He’s a big tipper (that took some serious training), he doesn’t say ‘petrol station’ anymore and as far as sports go, well its baseball all the way. (Cricket..what’s that?) (more…)

04 Jul 2014

Sparkling Cherry & Orange Sangria


I love summer. I love everything about it. Barbecues, fried clams, ‘lobstah’ and all things seafood, watching Ari’s baseball games, beach days, farmers markets and long, light evenings lingering out on my deck sipping something delicious.  Bring it on. (more…)

27 Jun 2014

Spanish Potato Tortilla with Chive Aioli

spanish tortilla with chive aioli There is nothing more gratifying than transforming a few, elemental and humble ingredients like potato, egg, onion, olive oil and chive into something that is so completely delicious and complete. Potato tortilla topped with a dollop of creamy, garlicky, homemade chive mayonnaise is just what I’m talking about. This is the kind of cooking I revel in. (more…)

16 Jun 2014
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